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How Sheri Thomson Lost 38 Pounds – Not Once, But Twice!


Sheri Thomson is a stay at home mom of 2 and writer of

Although Sheri is an American, she lives in Australia with her husband and children. To find out more, visit her blog Mommy Adventures.


How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?

17kgs, which is 37.5lbs!! I gained that much in both of my pregnancies. Not in total, I mean I gained that amount twice. That is a large amount for anyone to gain in pregnancy, but especially for someone like me, who only weighs 48-50kgs (105.8-110lbs) normally. I know that seems pretty light, but I’m only 5 foot 2.


Was the delivery normal / c-section? How long has it been since your delivery? How much weight have you been able to lose in this time?

Sheri Thomson

Sheri Thomson

My first child was born nearly 3 years ago via the normal route, not the escape hatch, with zero drugs/pain killers. My son was born 9 months ago, again a normal delivery with no pain killers. I did use a TENS machine, which I highly recommend to every birthing mom.

After Hannah (my first child) was born, it took me just over a year to lose the 17kgs I gained when pregnant. With Daniel, I was able to lose the 17kgs in about 6 months. Then it took another 2 to lose 2 more kilos, bringing me down to 48kgs.


How many weeks / months post-pregnancy did you seriously start working towards reducing weight?

I didn’t really do much to lose weight until Daniel was 6 months old. I was down to 50kgs by that time though.


What did you do to reduce your weight? Can you please tell us about your diet and exercise routines? Did you follow a particular program (like WeightWatchers), or use a particular equipment for weight loss?

Until Daniel was 6 months old, I think breastfeeding helped a lot with losing the weight. I also tried to eat healthily, and I took the kids for walks in the pram. There is a big hill near our apartment, so I think that helped a lot!

Running around after Hannah all the time was helpful too, and I would go running about once per week, but only for 12 minutes, I was stuffed after that! I wouldn’t really consider any of that seriously trying to reduce my weight though.

Then when Daniel was 6 months old, I joined a gym. Not to lose weight, because I’d already lost 17kgs, but to get fit, and change my still muffin-topped belly fat into muscle. My hips were still quite wide, and my butt and thighs had a lot of cellulite. Even though I did lose the 17kgs, I didn’t look like I did before I had kids. I still couldn’t fit into my favorite pair of pre-pregnancy jeans.

Sheri and Aaron

Sheri and Aaron

I joined the YMCA gym (which has a creche/child minding at no extra cost!!) and they created a program specifically for me and my goals. I go three times a week and start with 15 minutes of running on the treadmill. And I mean running, not just jogging!

I have always wanted to get on the Amazing Race, so I watch old episodes of it on my iPod whilst running (the treadmill has a ledge to put it on, in case you were trying to visualize how running and watching an iPod would possibly work). It really motivates me.

I try to beat my best distance each time, and I set goals. For example, when I first started running, I was running a kilometer in 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Then I wanted to get to 8, then 7, then under 6. Right now I’m at about 5 minutes and 56 seconds per kilometer. I use RunKeeper to keep track of all my runs & times, and it publishes my runs to Facebook, which is even more motivation to do better.

After my run, I do 2 sprints on the rowing machine, trying to get to 200 meters as fast as I possibly can (which is about 52 seconds). Then I do 4 reps of 30 seconds on the grinder (it’s really hard!), 2 sets of 12 squats, 2 sets of 10 lunges, 2 sets of 12 on the seated row weights machine at the heaviest weight I can, 3 sets of 15 sit ups on a fit ball, 2 30 second planks, 3 sets of 16 oblique twists, and then I stretch.

The whole thing takes an hour, and I get a crazy good workout. I’ve been doing that routine for a while, so it’s now time for me to get assessed again and get a new fitness program. One that includes more arm exercises (which I couldn’t do before because I broke my wrist and it was still healing even though the cast was off. But that’s a whole ‘nother story!).

I don’t use any specific diet, I just try to eat healthily, with 3 meals and 2 snacks each day. I have one day a week where I can eat whatever I want so I’m not feeling deprived. I dub this “sweeties day.”

Breakfast is muesli with frozen blueberries (they make the milk nice and cold!), a bit of chocolate protein powder, and cinnamon. A snack is usually something quick and easy, like a nut bar. Lunch is a ham bread roll with avocado, dijon mustard, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, cheese, salt and cracked pepper on a multi-grain bread roll.

My afternoon snack is fruit and nuts, or toast with peanut butter or nutella or something like that.  Then dinner is either fish with baked sweet potato chips and vegetables or salad, or some sort of chicken dish (fajita’s, satay chicken, butter chicken, to name a few).

I put heaps of vegetables in as well. Even if I’m making something that only calls for chicken, I don’t just put chicken in – I add carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and capsicum (green peppers).

I don’t use cream or sour cream. I use Greek yogurt instead. That’s how I make healthy fajitas and butter chicken and stuff like that….


How did you find the time for your routines with a newborn to take care of? What were the obstacles that you faced in your journey? How did you overcome them?

One of the Many Illustrations by Sheri

One of the Many Illustrations by Sheri

I wouldn’t have time for it at all if the gym didn’t have a creche. I had to search far and wide to find an affordable gym with creche included. Most of them charged $3-5 per kid per gym visit. Add that to gym membership and it was just ridiculous!

Not only am I getting fit, but I also get a bit of me time (which I like to call my sanity hour…), and the kids get to develop some social skills.

I think where there is a will, there is a way. As I said, it took me ages to find a suitable gym, but I persisted and finally found one. Even if I didn’t, I would have figured something else out. Like finding a running track that was smooth and flat enough to take the pram on so I could take the kids with me to exercise.


Looking back at your weight loss journey, do you think you could have done something differently for losing weight? Could you have done something differently during your pregnancy?

I probably could have started toning up earlier than I did. I think deep down I didn’t think it was possible to change my shape back into it’s pre-pregnancy glory, so I kind of just put the whole exercising properly thing in the ‘too hard’ basket.

During pregnancy… Oh goodness, during pregnancy, I pretty much ate like a horse. A horse with a very sweet tooth! And I used morning sickness or tiredness as an excuse not to exercise. I definitely could have eaten better and did something to keep myself fit. I did enjoy all those cakes though….


If someone is looking to reduce weight post-delivery, what would be your top tips?

Run! Running has slimmed my hips, gotten rid of my celulite (mostly, I’m still working on that a little bit), and made me feel so much better about myself and my fitness. You can run at the gym, outside, with a pram, or even around your house if you’re really desperate, so there’s no excuse not to give it a go.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have a day or two or three where you eat crap and think you’ll never be able to lose weight. Just pick yourself back up and try again. Eventually exercise will become like an addiction, you won’t want to go without it.


Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Even though I’m now the same weight I was before I was ever pregnant, I’m a size smaller then I was back then. My hips haven’t been this small since I was 16 (I mean small for me, I’m a pear shape, so they’re not super tiny or anything, but I don’t want to be a stick anyway!).

Running does wonders for your figure. I used to hate running. I would have rather had a pap smear then go running. But as you improve, get fitter, get faster, reach goals, etc., it grows on you and you start to look forward to it, rather than dread it.

It’s not all about losing weight, it’s about fitness, physical health, and mental health. I don’t mind if I gain a bit more weight as I gain more lean muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, don’t forget. A toned arm is going to weigh more than a wobbly flabby one.

If I can do it, anyone can!

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  1. I totally get you……

    You know I think the key is the veggies….That is the main course and everything else accompanies the veggies.
    At full term with both my kids I was over 170 ( starting at 130) that is a huge 40 pounds to lose twice.
    I drank tons of water, walked a lot with the stroller and ate pretty much like you did. ( oh and I made sure I drank the water away from the food – a half hour at least before – this would preempt me from eating JUST when ever I felt like it.
    The weight comes off…If you just eat lots of good food a some healthy treats a few times a week ( not a few days ).
    I also learned HOW to take my life back after becoming a mom ( you know – doing some of the things I liked to do with out the guilt and getting the help and support I needed from “daddy”.
    If I can be of any help just let me know!

    Coach Mona

  2. Oh Yes…..a special report here for you or anyone who stops by to read your great info:

    “7 Powerful Secrets Every Mom Needs to Know to Instantly Eliminate Stress, Overwhelm & Burnout”

    ( free – go grab it).


    Coach Mona

  3. I like your fantastic web site. Just what I was searching for!
    Best regards, Ron

    • what works for me i lose 3 pounds over night doing this, i am a boxer who uslualy has to make wieght for my fights all i do is eat real healthy and do NOT EAT AFTER 7 PM and even after 7 pm go for a run burn of the food you ate during the day and drink alot alot alot of water because what that does is flushes everything out it works you should try it!

  4. do you have a fb fanpage

  5. ya with ease just go to a gym or something and run at least 3 miles on it try to get under 26 mienuts if you can if you cant get there another good goal would be about 27-29 and if u arent sweating when u do that go get a sauna suit or a trashbag and where those but those are for emergencies only if you need to cut 10-20lbs in about 1-3 days

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